FX-Invest Affiliate Program

Earn money
in the financial
market without investing
  • Making money in the financial market without investing Get referral bonus for each successful customer you send to us
  • Unlimited profit & passive income Your earnings are in your hands
  • Multi-tier and clear payout system You earn not only for every customer you directly send to us but also for that customer's referral
  • Help & Support We give you all the necessary materials, training and support

What is FX-Invest Affiliate Program?

We have everything required to help our clients earn money in the financial markets. We are also ready to reward those who want to help others earn!

We'll reward you for every successful referral you send to us. Нou don't necessarily have to trade or create a trading account.

Referral reward

We are ready to share with you our earnings (spread) from successful trades. Three-tier Commission Structure: 20% of commissions earned from your tier-1 to tier-3 referrals.

Suppose Referral 1 traded 20 lots of EUR/USD in a week. The EUR/USD spread is 1.3 pips, i.e. $13 for each standard lot. Total spread will be $13*20 lots = $260.
Your reward will be $260*20%=$52

Suppose that at the same time each of the tier-2 referrals and tier-3 referrals also traded 20 lots of EUR/USD each. The reward from each of the referrals will be $52.
Your total reward from seven referrals will be $52*7 = $364

NOTE: Margin trading is a high-risk financial transaction and it can amplify an investor's losses significantly. So before placing any trades, it is important that you take the time to understand all possible risks and that you're experienced in trading on margin.

Important Notification. FX-Invest does not open client accounts for residents of jurisdictions listed below but not limited to where margin trading services are regulated by government or central bank:

United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zelland, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, All EU countries, Switzerland, Japan,