Take our free Forex trading courses. Both a beginner and an experienced trader will enjoy the training courses – involving real-life communication at online seminars, trainings and master classes. Experienced traders who are successfully trading in the foreign exchange market will conduct the classes:
  • All about trading and how international financial markets operate;
  • Trading secrets using technical and fundamental market analysis;
  • How to work with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform;
  • What trade indicators and oscillators are and how to use them;
  • How to properly manage your trading capital;
  • About trading psychology;
  • Consultations by professionals;


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Introductory seminar
  • Financial markets: myths and reality.
  • All about trading, how international financial markets operate.
  • Job of the future: the potential income of a trader.
  • Protecting yourself against losses in the financial market.
  • Professional consultations.
Analysis methods in the financial markets
  • Fundamental and technical analyses: main objectives.
  • Types of technical analysis: graphical and indicator analyses.
  • Objectives of graphical analysis in predicting price movements.
  • Examples of using graphic tools.
  • Graphical analysis tools.


We've prepared an excellent tool, a unique guide to the world of Forex for you. This book is suitable both for beginners who are just starting their career as traders and for experienced Forex traders.

The book gives detailed description of what foreign exchange market is, how to trade in the market, what are fundamental and technical analyses of the market, and which money management methods are used in trading. The book also devotes much attention to the psychology of speculation in the stock market.

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No matter how experienced a trader is, he'll always have some questions he needs to clarify. Broaden your understanding of Forex – read the answers from Fx-invest experts to the most frequently asked questions about the financial market. The questions and answers are constantly updated.


Forex concepts and terms used in the foreign exchange market are given in this section. The Forex glossary is arranged alphabetically, making it easier to search for a particular word. The detailed explanations are outlined in an accessible and understandable manner. We add new Forex terms to the glossary once they appear.

NOTE: Margin trading is a high-risk financial transaction and it can amplify an investor's losses significantly. So before placing any trades, it is important that you take the time to understand all possible risks and that you're experienced in trading on margin.

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United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zelland, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, All EU countries, Switzerland, Japan,