Feel the full power of the US dollar with the new DX instrument
A new trading instrument in the terminal
Dear customers and partners! Fx-invest has opened access to trading in a new instrument – the U.S. Dollar Index (DX). Use the Dollar Index to boost your trading returns both by working with DX as an independent asset and by using the instrument in hedging strategies and tactics in the foreign exchange market, as well as in investment portfolios.
What is the U.S. Dollar Index (DX)? It is a financial instrument that measures the value of the US dollar relative to the value of a basket of six currencies: Euro, Yen, Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona and Swiss Franc.
Actual asset till end of 2019
  • Fed's rate cuts: the US dollar is volatile due to expectations of a cut in interest rate
  • US-China trade war: leads to increased dynamics of the US dollar
  • Release of macro statistical data: increased DX volatility at the time of release of statistics on US inflation and the labour market
All these are opportunities for simple and understandable profit making on the U.S. Dollar Index right now! Start